10 Romantic Getaways


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hop on a scooter with your hunny in Buenos Aires.
Hop on a scooter with your hunny in Buenos Aires.

Where better to spend a romantic getaway than in Buenos Aires, home of the tango? To get a peek at the sexy dance, head down to Le Calesita, an open-air dance floor in the Nunez neighborhood. Better yet, grab your dancing shoes and take a tango lesson at Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso.

But the "dance of love" isn't the only thing that draws lovers to this "Paris of South America." Tree-lined streets and elegant 19th century architecture recall the city's romantic European past without masking its exciting South American present. Revisit the country's Italian heritage with a plateful of lasagna at Il Materello in the La Boca neighborhood before checking into the super-chic Bo-Bo Hotel in the Palermo district. In addition to its modern accommodations, the hotel offers romantic touches like candles, flowers, rose petals and boxes of chocolates for an additional charge.

When picking a travel date, spring and fall are best, but remember that if you live in the Northern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed. It's a bargain at any time, though, as recent financial crises have significantly lowered prices in the once-expensive city.