10 Romantic Getaways



This might seem like an unexpected way to begin a list of most romantic places, but India offers a surprising amount of romantic, Old World charm. A former British colony, the country is an alluring blend of Old Europe and the rapidly modernizing Indian subcontinent, a combination that results in a wide variety of romantic opportunities.

Hop aboard the Maharajas' Express for a week-long luxury train ride from Delhi to Mumbai that includes stops for a champagne lunch at the Taj Mahal, a tiger-spotting safari and an elephant polo match. It's fitting that the train's name includes the Sanskrit word for "great king" because that's exactly how you'll travel. Enjoy the bar, games table and fine-dining restaurants before retiring to your private cabin, which has comfy beds, large windows and LCD TVs.

Want a more stationary experience? Travel north to Wildflower Hall, an opulent resort built 8,250 feet (2,514 meters) up in the Himalayas. The former residence of Lord Kitchener, this destination offers fine dining, an outdoor Jacuzzi and heated swimming pool, as well as spa treatments, all with spectacular mountain views. But don't run off and make reservations for these trips until you've checked your bank account. Wildflower Hall will run you at least $300 per night, while the seven-day ride on the Maharajas' Express costs a cool $14,000 per couple.