Top 10 Island Getaways


Hawaiian Islands

Taken individually, the Hawaiian Islands could dominate half this list -- and justifiably so, based on the sheer number of top 10 lists (of various categories) on which they appear. Every island offers something special and together they constitute one of the top 10 global honeymoon destinations [source: Modern Bride]. From the more hectic, metropolitan life of Oahu's Honolulu to the unspoiled retreats of Molokai, this still-expanding volcanic archipelago offers something for everyone, including the infectious, easygoing friendliness of the Hawaiian people.

The Big Island is Hawaii in microcosm, comprising some of the best scenery, beaches, historical sites, culture, lodging and food. It's composed of five volcanoes, including the still-erupting Kilauea (visit it at sundown for the best dusk and night viewing) and Mauna Loa, Earth's largest volcano in terms of volume and area. Pink, black and green beaches dot the island. Maui is home to excellent beaches, nightlife and trekking, while Kauai offers perhaps even better scenery at a more laid-back pace. Oahu is home to the stunning Lanikai Beach and, as the site of the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, occupies an important place in American history. For a real escape, try Molokai, a time capsule of island life from the 1950s proud of its lack of tall buildings and traffic.