10 Travel-savvy Airport Tips


Don't Stand in the Customer Service Line

No one wants to stand in lines when they’re traveling. You can avoid some of that wait time by taking advantage of the technology in your pocket. ©Peter Turnley/CORBIS
No one wants to stand in lines when they’re traveling. You can avoid some of that wait time by taking advantage of the technology in your pocket. ©Peter Turnley/CORBIS

Smart travelers use their smartphones as travel assistants. From your mobile screen, you can check your flight status, check your gate information and even check into your flight. And when problems arise -- which they will -- use your smartphone to solve the problem; don't stand in the customer service line.

Before you travel, make note of your airline's customer service number, and if you have a smartphone download airline apps not only for the easy check in but for easier customer service as well. While your fellow passengers wait for an agent at the customer service counter, you'll have faster access to help through your phone's browser, an app, or a call to your airline's customer service number. If you're flying through a major hub, chances are good that the airport has an app of its own, which comes in handy not only when you're trying to make a tight connection and need to figure out the quickest path from gate to gate but also when you need to quickly find alternative flight routes because your plane's been grounded.

Author's Note: 10 Travel-savvy Airport Tips

I was 6 years old the first time I ever flew, and it was in a four-seater Cessna with my brother, my father and his flight instructor. I loved it. A few years later I had my first experience with a major airport and airline, and a traveler was born. But over the years of air travel -- and all the changes that have come to pass -- I've developed a travel anxiety: not having enough time at the airport from curbside to gate, despite my best efforts.

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