5 Tips for Avoiding Traffic Tickets on a Road Trip


Drive Safely

Map out your route beforehand, and plan for rests and stops.
Map out your route beforehand, and plan for rests and stops.
Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Short of dragging a bank safe behind your vehicle, driving aggressively is probably the quickest way to draw patrol officers' unwanted attention. After all, it's their mandate to keep everyone safe, so the less safely you drive, the more you compel them to pull you over. Don't tailgate, switch lanes constantly or change lanes without signaling. If it helps, pretend you're taking your driver's test.

Avoiding this kind of ticket really comes down to monitoring yourself and knowing your limits. Unsafe driving practices often stem from fatigue and impatience, so use Google Maps or AAA to plan your trip with plenty of rests and stops, and if possible, switch drivers regularly. If you feel your foot filling with lead, activate your cruise control. If that doesn't do the trick, consider having a speed governor installed. Many moving vans come equipped with these, and some cars now come outfitted with devices that alert you when you're speeding or drifting across lane dividers without signaling.

There's another reason to drive courteously: In this age of cell phones and CB radios, if you irk enough people, there's a chance that drivers on the road will report you.