5 Tips for Avoiding Traffic Tickets on a Road Trip


Follow the Herd

It's best to drive with the flow of traffic.
It's best to drive with the flow of traffic.
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Go with the flow of traffic and remain in the middle of the pack. Blending in is the goal. Since remaining in your lane and matching the speed of surrounding cars is safer, you will also stand less of a chance of getting into an accident. Accidents tend to result in tickets (among other potentially more dire consequences).

Think of it like this. Even if one car out of the herd is flagged by highway patrol, odds are it won't be you if you're situated in the middle. Autos in front will be the first to get tagged by radar, and trailing vehicles will present the easiest target for highway patrolmen to pull up behind. Similarly, cars in the fast lane are the most likely to be tagged by cops parked in the median strip.

If you must break away, follow a faster car. Radar will tag them first, and if they hit their brakes, you'll receive early warning of trouble ahead. It's also a good idea to watch what the truckers do: Their network of CB radios keeps them apprised of all of the local patrols and speed traps.