Should you let your kids invite friends on vacation?

General Tips for Inviting Kids' Friends on Vacation

If you go camping, let your child's friend's parents know your itinerary.
If you go camping, let your child's friend's parents know your itinerary.
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Now, you have a framework for the trip, but there are still some details that need attention. Information that should be shared before you leave includes:

  • Luggage guidelines. What should the friend pack, and how should he or she do it? My niece reluctantly but successfully limited herself to carry-on baggage, which was essential to four people surviving in one hotel room.
  • Heath facts. You need insurance information for the friend. Also, are there any preexisting medical conditions? It may be appropriate to have a letter from the parents allowing you to make medical decisions, and it wouldn't hurt for that note to contain permission for the child to be traveling with you (location and dates included).
  • Your itinerary and contact information for the friend's parents
  • Emergency contact information other than the parents'

If you plan ahead, taking a friend on a vacation can be more than helpful. Honestly, it was a pleasure for all of us to have my niece on our trip. After this experience, I won't be so shocked if my daughter wants company on future outings, and I'll remember how fun it was for me to have someone to sit beside on the roller coaster.

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