Should you get your kids their own hotel room?

Questions to Ask When Considering a Kids' Hotel Room

The decision to get your kids their own hotel room could make or break your next vacation (or your bank).

Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding if you should take the leap:

  • Do they get scared easily? If so, they probably aren't ready for their own room. Once it's dark and the air-conditioning starts making strange noises, they might be right back in your hotel room -- and good luck getting a refund. But if they're brave campers, it might be time to send them packing.
  • Do they generally obey rules or do they rebel as a rule? Do they have a wild streak that requires threats and punishment to curb, or are they pretty good kids who listen well? You don't want to give them more responsibility than they can handle, but you do want to build trust and reward self-control.
  • Do their ages and personalities warrant a separate room? When it comes to getting kids their own hotel room, there's no good way to uniformly establish an exact age when it will be appropriate. All kids are different, and they mature at different rates.
  • Can you afford it? While your vacation may become something more like a vacation, your lodging expenses are going to balloon.

If your kids are mature enough to have their own hotel room and you can afford it, give it a shot. However, you should definitely book adjoining rooms. This way, you can hear most escapes, as well as sibling-on-sibling murder attempts. You can detect room damage, and a demand for good behavior is just one wall-knock or phone call away (or, if it's serious, a personal door-visit by Mom or Dad).

Booking extra rooms does mean you'll be paying much more at check-out. However, it may just be worth it. Nothing improves a family vacation like putting some extra space between the family on vacation.

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