5 Tips for Fighting Jet Lag


Avoid Heavy Food and Alcohol

pizza and beer
Avoid eating heavy foods before you fly because it will only make your jet lag worse.  steele2123/Getty Images

Have you ever felt like taking a nap right after finishing a Thanksgiving meal? You're not alone. You've just eaten an extremely heavy meal probably loaded with carbohydrates, which make you sleepy. And while that's fine when you're laid out on the sofa about to watch the Cowboys-Lions game on TV, it's not exactly what you want when you're traveling and trying to get your body accustomed to a new time zone.

Part of the luxury of flying commercially, especially if you fly business or first class, is taking advantage of the food and drinks. If you want to avoid jet lag, though, you'd better think twice. Eating heavy foods will only make your jet lag worse. But it isn't just about laying off the heavy meals. Alcohol isn't good to consume during a flight, either, because it tends to make you drowsy and dehydrated. That can play havoc with your sleep. Wait until your body adjusts before you decide to eat heavy foods and drink alcohol.