5 Tips for Avoiding Problems at the Airport


Obey the Carry-on Rules

Keep what you need easily accessible.
Keep what you need easily accessible.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the governing body that largely dictates how quickly you're able to get from the airport entrance to your departure gate. If your master plan for quicker travel includes a carry-on bag, then you need to know the rules the airline has in place for those bags. Trying to squeeze a larger bag into the overhead storage bin can delay things for you and everyone else. Ultimately, you may end up being forced to gate check the bag, which kind of defeats the time-saving carry on. There are also all kinds of rules the TSA has in place for what can and cannot come aboard the flight, from the size of your moisturizer to that Swiss Army Knife you carry everywhere you go. All airlines post these guidelines on their Web sites, so check them out before leaving your house.