10 Tips for Traveling with Kids on Airplanes


Getting Kids to Sleep on the Plane

In a perfect world, your little ones would drift off to sleep the moment you strapped them into their seats, only to awaken as the plane touched down. While you're unlikely to experience this kind of luck, there are steps you can take to encourage kids to sleep peacefully during your flight. Whenever possible, schedule a flight during your child's regular naptime, or choose one that takes place overnight. This way, your kids will naturally be sleepy while in the air, and they might just drift off to dreamland. If scheduling a flight during naptime just isn't practical, use the time before your plane departs to wear kids out at the airport. Many airports now have children's play areas, while others offer fun exhibits to explore. If all else fails, find a relatively empty area and just let your kids run around to use up excess energy. Once you're onboard, a quick walk up and down the aisle can help quiet a crying baby or even distract an older child who's starting to get fussy.