10 Tips for Traveling with Kids on Airplanes


Pack Plenty of Food

Even adolescents may act out if they're hungry.
Even adolescents may act out if they're hungry.
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Ever notice how everything seems worse when you're hungry? A carry-on bag packed with your kids' favorite snacks can make air travel much easier to bear, particularly now that most airlines no longer offer kids' meals. Bring along enough sandwiches, fruit, chips and pretzels to keep everyone's stomach full throughout the flight, and be sure to pack sippy cups to help cut down on spills. Skip foods that could be messy -- like squeezable yogurt -- and remember that you can't bring liquids on the plane, so soups and spreads are out. While it's important to encourage healthy eating habits, an airplane trip is not the time for carrot sticks. Pack plenty of treats and fun foods to avoid adding a battle to this already stressful time.