10 Tips for Traveling with Kids on Airplanes

Pack a Stash of Surprises
Your child will want to show off her new toy to everyone.
Your child will want to show off her new toy to everyone.
Peter Dazeley/Riser/Getty Images

When it comes to flying with kids, the best-laid plan is no guarantee for a smooth and easy trip. Even kids who are well-fed and equipped with every imaginable source of entertainment can start to melt down after spending too long in the sky. Beat the airplane blues with a stash of small surprises to help distract your child. Before your flight, fill a bag with small, affordable presents that you can surprise your child with on the plane. Promise kids one present per hour on a long flight, or simply reach into your bag of tricks as needed to avert a crisis. You don't have to spend a fortune on these gifts either -- anything your child hasn't seen before can serve as a powerful distraction for a cranky young flyer. Wrap toy cars, dolls, rolls of stickers, colorful lollipops, coloring books or even miniature stuffed animals. You'll not only keep your kids busy, but also give them something to look forward to as you head toward your destination.

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