10 Tips for Finding Family-friendly Hotels


Check into Hotel Activities

Some hotels and resorts offer in-house camps for kids.
Some hotels and resorts offer in-house camps for kids.

If you have trouble keeping your child entertained every minute of your vacation, why not let the hotel take a turn? Some hotels are now offering in-house camps where kids can participate in activities like arts and crafts and book readings. For example, at the Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe, N.M., parents and their children can learn how to cook gourmet macaroni and cheese with the hotel's head chef, Oliver Ridgeway. Bamboo-pole fishing, crabbing and lei-making are the standard activities of the "Keiki Club," a kids' camp at the Kahala Hotel and Resort in Hawaii. The hotel also offers story readings given by costumed employees or actual children's book authors.

Camp Hyatt, a program offered by Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, educates kids ages 3 to 12 about the culture, history and environment of their destination. Activities at the camps include Hula dancing in Hawaii, pottery painting in Arizona, and arrowhead hunts in Texas. For those who desire a little less structure, there's always the swimming pool.