10 Tips for Finding Family-friendly Hotels


Can your family pet stay at this hotel?

Many travelers consider pets a part of the family, so for those people "family-friendly" also means "pet-friendly." A surprising number of hotels allow pets, but the rules and fees vary wildly. Most hotels limit the number of pets to one per room, though chains like Comfort Inn may allow up to three in a room. Pet fees are similarly varied; at Motel 6, for example, pets stay free, while other hotels may charge upward of $35 a night for each pet.

A good resource for finding pet-friendly hotels, both chain and independently owned, is PetsWelcome.com. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of hotels in the United States that allow pets, searchable by location. The site also details pet policies for each hotel in its database and promises to remove any establishment that provokes a bad report from a user. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that Fido doesn't get left out of the family vacation.