10 Tips for Finding Family-friendly Hotels


Red Flags That This Hotel Isn't For Kids

A bed-and-breakfast may not be as family friendly as a larger hotel.
A bed-and-breakfast may not be as family friendly as a larger hotel.

At most hotels, kids are about as common as cars in the parking lot, so it's easy to forget that some accommodations are intended for an adult crowd. While these hotels may not come out and say they discourage young guests, there are some red flags to help you identify such establishments.

If parts of a hotel are off-limits to children, that's a good sign that you and your family should look elsewhere for lodging. Another good indication that a hotel may not be family-friendly is if it has amenities that might be hazardous to children, like open hot tubs or balconies. Size can also be a predictor. Small hotels often want to promote calm and intimate interactions among guests, and they hold a negative attitude toward children.

Less reliable indicators are price and style: Families often stay at cheaper chain hotels to save money, reserving the more expensive establishments for a mature crowd. When you're looking for a family-friendly hotel, perhaps the best question you can ask is "Is the place romantic?" If the answer is "yes," you probably should avoid it.

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