10 Family Friendly Songs for the Car (That Won't Drive Parents Nuts)

'You've Got a Friend in Me' by Randy Newman
The "Toy Story" films stress friendship and loyalty.
The "Toy Story" films stress friendship and loyalty.

The animated film "Toy Story" has become a beloved classic for people of all ages. So, it's fitting that its theme song rounds out our list of music that everyone can agree on.

Randy Newman's composition about friendship and loyalty was featured in all three "Toy Story" films, and it's been covered by a wide variety of artists in a number of different languages. But it's the original that lands on our list; Newman's likeable lyrics and gently-swinging arrangement instantly puts the listener in mind of childhood. It's the perfect song for kids and adults to find some common ground and discover that their musical worlds aren't so far apart, after all.

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