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6 Facts About Andorra, Europe's Best-kept Secret in the Pyrenees

It's only 180 square miles, but it packs a lot of personality. In fact Andorra is the only country in the world that's ruled by co-princes from different countries.

5 Things a Travel Adviser Does That You Totally Can't

Who's gonna get you the best hotel deal or tell you not to take that cruise during an outbreak of the latest super bug? Your travel adviser, that's who.

What's the Worst Seat on the Plane?

Although there are many contenders for this dubious honor, experts have one particular seat in mind.

7 Ways to Pack a Smarter Suitcase

You might think it's impossible to fit a week's worth of clothes into a carry-on, but with our packing tips, it's a piece of cake.

Why You Should Never Buy Airline Miles

You may be tempted to buy a few thousand miles because you're oh-so-close to the threshold for a free ticket. But experts say you generally shouldn't do that.

Is Your Airbnb Photo 'Trustworthy'? If So, You Could Be Charging More

Thinking about making some extra cash with Airbnb? Pick your profile photo carefully. New research finds that it matters more than you think.

6 Crazy Theme Cruises

Whether you're looking for like-minded cat lovers or conspiracy theorists, there's a cruise out there for you.

Fall Pictures

Fall is a time for amazing tree colors and fun activities. Look through this gallery to see beautiful fall pictures and events.

Travel Fashion: How to Look Good on the Go

After a day in the car or a few hours on the plane, even stylish travelers can look rumpled and dingy at their destinations. What are some smart tips for traveling in style?

10 Travel-savvy Airport Tips

Travel broadens the mind, but the airport can kill your enthusiasm for exploring the world. Don't cancel that trip – get the know-how you need to make it to your destination with minimal hassle.

The 10 Most Amazing Parties of All Time

Not all parties are as wild as Edward Russell's 1694 bash, where guests took eight days to polish off the cocktail offerings. These 10 fêtes run the gamut of soirée styles, from staid, formal affairs to creative events with unusual themes.

10 Tips for Finding the Lowest Airfares

Buying plane tickets these days is like placing a bet. You just feel it -- now's the time: Click it now! Is there any rhyme or reason to the airfare pricing game?

How Holi Works

In India, springtime is marked by an explosion of color when revelers take to the street with fistfuls of powdered pigment to celebrate Holi. What's the history of the holiday and how did color-throwing become the main event?

How Burning Man Works

Since 1986, Burners have celebrated radical inclusion and self-expression at a weeklong festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. How did Burning Man start, and what does the Man symbolize?

How Carnival Works

Carnival festivities are all about local flavor, and in Rio, that means samba. At the most famous Carnival in Brazil, you'll find dancers, musicians and over-the-top extravagance.

4 Surprisingly Relaxing Family Vacations

If you think you can't find a vacation that's relaxing for parents and still fun for the kids, these four trips will make you think again.

5 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Next Family Vacation

Make your next vacation one you’ll remember for all the right reasons with these skip-the-stress suggestions.

3 Ideas for Memory-Building Family Vacations

Get out of your vacation rut with a new adventure you and your family will remember forever.

10 Tips for Traveling with Kids on Airplanes

Traveling on an airplane with kids can leave any parent feeling frazzled. Before you book your next trip, check out these 10 tips to help you keep your cool as you (and your kids) fly the friendly skies.

5 Tips for Avoiding Problems at the Airport

With long security lines and unseasoned travelers to contend with, problems at the airport are a given. But we've got some tips to help ease your troubles.

5 Tips for Choosing a Restaurant When Traveling

Eat like a local wherever you go with these 5 tips for finding excellent restaurants while you're on the road.

5 Travel Apps for Budget-conscious Globetrotters

Travel broadens the mind, but it can also shrink your wallet. Here are five apps that can help save you cash on the road.

10 Unforgettable Street Food Destinations

In cities across the United States, entrepreneurs in carts and trailers are offering some of the most original, authentic and creative dishes in town.

Top 5 Phone Apps for Finding Restaurants

Smartphone users can unlock a world of restaurant information simply by downloading a few key apps. Read about our favorite foodie apps.