A Guide to Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park

Author's Note

I haven't done a ton of cold-weather or high altitude hiking, but I can tell you that when folks mention having the right gear, they are not messing around. I still remember a trip that my family took to Mount Rainier in Washington State. We hiked off-trail because another hiker mentioned that he'd seen a momma fox and her cubs not too far from where we were.

My family is from South Florida, and we had no idea what cold really meant. We thought we'd be fine in our jackets and cheapo hiking boots. What a terrible idea! It is tough to enjoy beautiful scenery, even a brand new family of foxes, when you can't feel your toes. Luckily, it was not a long hike up and back, so we made it safely. I had no idea until much later that our little trip out into the snow was so risky!

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