A Guide to Hiking the Ozarks

Author's Note

My sister, Amanda, called while I was researching this article, and when I told her about it she asked if I was planning a trip. She just might have the right idea! I've done most of my hiking here on the East Coast, so I got a kick out of researching some of the beautiful terrain and scenery out west. I especially loved learning about all of the waterfalls in the Ozarks.

Trekking up to a waterfall is one of my favorite hiking adventures. Back when I was in college, some friends and I hiked up to a waterfall, and it was one of the most beautiful hikes I've been on. It was a warm clear day, and got pleasantly soaked on the way up. We ended up sitting at the top enjoying the scenery for much longer than we should have. Learn from my mistake: If you're not planning to camp, you want to start walking back down the mountain well before it gets dark. Hiking a waterfall in daylight is beautiful. Hiking back down in the dark is pretty terrifying. Even with the somewhat scary walk back, those views and that rushing water are still some of my favorite hiking memories.

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