A Guide to Long Trail Hiking

Long Trail Hiking: End to End Transportation

A nice shot of fog over the Green Mountains.
A nice shot of fog over the Green Mountains.
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It may seem out of place to talk about transportation when you're talking about hiking, but end to end transportation is an important detail when you're planning any thru-hike. You need to figure out not only to get to the trailhead but also how to get home once you reach the other side. The Green Mountain Club has an End-to-Enders guide for sorting out your travel at either end of the trail. If you're not up for purchasing the guide, here's some basic end to end transportation information to help you get to and from the Long Trail.

North to South Transportation

The best way to hit the Long Trail is to come via the major cities on either end, then make your way to the trailhead. If you're planning to hike the Long Trail from north to south, your best bet is flying into Burlington, taking the 90 minute cab ride to North Troy, and then hitting the trail from there. You can also take the bus or Amtrak to Burlington. When you get to the south end, Peter Pan Bus Lines from Williamstown, Mass. to the New York Port Authority, where you can take transit to one of New York's airports or hop on a bus or Amtrak to head home [source: Compos].

South to North Transportation

To get to the trail's south end, you'll need to make your way to Williamstown, Mass., and the easiest way to do that without a ride is taking Peter Pan Bus Lines from New York City's Port Authority straight into Williamstown. At the north end, when you get to the Canadian border, it's a short walk (one mile/1.6 kilometers) back to North Troy, where you'll catch a cab or a shuttle back to Burlington.