A Guide to Hiking the Catskill Mountains

Catskill Mountains Hiking: Best Region for Winter Hiking

There's no doubt that winter hikes can be intimidating. Slippery snow and ice can be treacherous, access roads may be closed, and trail markers could be hidden by snow. But winter has its advantages, too: For starters, the views are better when the trees are bare, and you don't have to battle the crowds, as fewer people like to hike in the winter. So, if you're up for the challenge, it can be a real treat.

One of the best winter hikes in the Catskills is the Windham High Peak and Burnt Knob Loop Trail, spanning about 6.75 miles (10.9 kilometers). Although shaded and dark during the summer, it offers beautiful views in winter, and you might spot the Barred Owl, which fly up to live in an old growth forest there during the winter.