A Guide to Hiking Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain Hiking: Perkins Tower

When it was completed in 1934, the Perkins Memorial Tower atop Bear Mountain was dedicated by then-president Franklin Roosevelt. It is dedicated to George W. Perkins, the president of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, who died in 1920. In addition to helping form several trails, Perkins was credited with saving the Palisades (the west bank of the Hudson River) from quarry operators.

The Civillian Conservation Corps, a public program established under Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, took on responsibility for building the tower. And the tower still stands as a popular tourist attraction for hikers. Consisting of five flights, each floor contains exhibitions. Photographs in the exhibitions include ones of the tower being built, as well as boats bearing loads of tourists across the Hudson River.

The top floor of the tower holds a spectacular view of the surrounding wilderness, as well as a view of the Manhattan skyline on a clear day.