10 Surprising Things People Lose on Roller Coasters

Celebrity Jewelry
Marlene Dietrich lost a pearl-and-gold earring after riding the roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England in 1934. It was found in 2007 in excellent condition. ullstein bild via Getty Images

We stumbled across that last nifty tidbit about the glass eye in the U.K. pond as a side note to a much more interesting story about movie legend Marlene Dietrich.

Dietrich was a German-born cabaret singer-turned-actress who became a leading femme fatale in a series of Hollywood movies in the early 1930s. While Hitler rose to power, Dietrich chose to become a U.S. citizen, flying overseas to entertain Allied troops [source: BBC News].

During an earlier visit to the U.K. in 1934, Dietrich spent a day at the family-run Blackpool Pleasure Beach, founded in 1896 as England's first American-style amusement park. While riding the park's newly built wooden roller coaster, The Big Dipper, she lost one of her pearl and gold earrings. Park officials searched, but couldn't turn it up.

In 2007, more than 70 years later, construction workers dredged up an earring from a park pond while building a new ride. The delicate pearl jewelry matched Dietrich's exact description and was in excellent condition. Dietrich herself passed away in 1992 at the age of 90 [source: BBC News].