10 Surprising Things People Lose on Roller Coasters

Newly married couples ride a roller coaster during their wedding ceremony at the Happy Valley theme park in Wuhan, China. Some couples enjoyed the ride more than others. STR/AFP/Getty Images

Asking someone to marry you is a lot like riding a roller coaster. Your heart races, your palms sweat and there's a pretty good chance that you're going to puke before it's over. So why not combine the two!

Reddit user Nightzel — we presume he has a real name — pulled off an ingenious proposal in 2013 when he and his girlfriend were visiting Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of Ohio. Hiding a "Marry Me?" T-shirt underneath his button-down, Nightzel boarded the Millennium Force coaster and timed his reveal for the flash of the photo-op camera.

When his soon-to-be-fiancée saw the pic on the souvenir screen, Nightzel dropped to one knee and popped the big question [source: Reddit]. Yes!

Another souvenir photo snapped at Disneyland's Splash Mountain captures a smiling dude named Chris and his three friends holding up smuggled signs reading, "Lindsay will you marry me?" Lindsay — who in the photo is totally clueless in the front of the log, gripping the handles in sheer panic — also said yes [source: Harness].