5 Fun West Coast Travel Ideas for Families


Portland Area

Cruising south, we reach the Portland area, which sits just below the Washington border. Still within sight of the Cascade Range, Portland stretches around both banks of the Willamette River and sports several nature recreation areas, both in and around the city.

A visit to the exquisite Portland Classical Chinese Garden can contrast nicely with a spooky subterranean tour of the infamous Portland Underground. The Museum of Contemporary Crafts and the Portland Saturday Market could appeal to others in the family, while the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Maritime Center and Museum and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry might do for the rest.

Portland is also a great place for families to visit who like to get a little exercise together -- the city is set up to cater to bicycle riding. And a bevy of breweries, restaurants and cafes can give tired riders a place to rest along the way.