5 Fun Midwest Travel Ideas for Families


Black Hills, Badlands & Mount Rushmore

If you're searching for the Wild West, head for the hills. Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills and Badlands in South Dakota offer Wild West and Sioux Nation history, plus more than 1,500 roaming buffalo.

Without a doubt Mount Rushmore is likely the most famous attraction in South Dakota. The four presidential faces -- Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln -- tower above visitors, about 3 million people every year.

The Black Hills are pine-covered mountains with six national parks calling -- go to see one of its most famous landmarks, Wounded Knee, but don't miss out on exploring underground gold mines and caves. Badlands is a 244,000 acre national park famous for its lunar-esque landscape, including spires and gorges and fossils of ancient sabor-toothed cats from when a shallow sea covered the Great Plains roughly 75 million years ago.