5 Fun Local Travel Ideas for Families


Culturally Speaking

It goes without saying that any place that lands in your local guidebook is a great place for exploration. Some will be obvious; others not as much. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Museum Day: Depending on where you live will dictate how far you have to go to visit a museum. New York City residents might never see every museum in their city during their lifetime while those who live in small towns might need to travel a bit out of the way to hit that must-see exhibit. Washington, DC residents have the luxury of having tons of historic relics in their environs - most of them free! Wherever you live, however, a museum trip makes for easy family fun day planning.

Gallery up Your Alley? Art galleries are another nice culturally immersive option for many people. Less traditional spots for exhibits might be at the local library or coffee shop, too.

Some Fauna for Ya: Aquariums and zoos are an obvious hotspot for families - and the coolest part? They really don't get old. In fact, ass kids mature, they develop new and different appreciations for the wildlife, exhibits and even the ability to pick up a new toy from the gift shop!

Historical Landmarks: Even the smallest towns have historical landmarks, which makes for a nice educational day out with the family. Pair this trip with lunch at a favorite restaurant or a picnic in the park.

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