5 Fun Local Travel Ideas for Families


Where the Grass Is Greener

The town green, a city-run grassy area or a National Park: there are more than just trees to behold when you decide to "park it." Here are a few ideas:

Local Festivals: The same sunny spots where you might have picnics with the family may be a hotbed of activity during the warmer months. Check your local paper for arts festivals, musical performances, book sales and other fun (and free!) stuff to do.

Skate Away: That same park that served up ice cream treats on a muggy August day might also host ice skating and winter activities when the temperatures drop. Again: Check those local papers for fun opportunities with the family.

More Bark, Less Trees: While you might opt to spend part of your weekend lounging in the grass, Fido might be wishing you'd take him (and a pocket full of treats) to the local dog park for an hour. The reward: Socialization for your pooch and a pooped pup for you to relax with upon arrival back home.

Forest and the Trees: Americans are lucky to have nearly 400 National Parks System sites throughout the U.S. The mission? "To Preserve, Protect, and share the legacies of this land." To find one near you, visit nps.org.