5 Fun Local Travel Ideas for Families


Get Sporty

A little exercise, competition and concentration is good for pretty much everyone. Here are a few sporty ideas that should appeal to most in the family.

Take in a Local Game: You don't need to shell out the big bucks to see a good sporting event. Consider taking in a minor league game. Tickets, hot dogs, soda and popcorn are generally cheaper at these venues, too. Don't forget to book a ballpark tour, too.

Go for a Drive: For an afternoon with a lightweight putter, think about taking the family for a round of mini-golf. For those with Tiger Woods aspirations, consider the driving range or even a trip to the PGA Superstore for a lesson with a real coach.

Need for Speed: There are two ways to satisfy this craving: Either consider the arcade for a virtual race or let the family go the traditional route and go for the bumper cars. (Road rage not required!)

Amuse Me: Of course, you can tackle quite a few of the aforementioned activities with a trip to an amusement park. Skee-ball and carousel rides are great alternatives for those who aren't so keen on roller coasters or water slides.