10 Things Alaska and Alabama have in Common


They're Home to Famous Pipes -- and Pens

Alabama native Nat "King" Cole.
Alabama native Nat "King" Cole.
Echoes/Redferns/Getty Images

Alaska and Alabama seem to be the birthplace of creativity, at least when it comes to singers and novelists. Contemporary singer Jewel (of "Pieces of You" fame) grew up in Homer, Alaska, while jazz singer Nat "King" Cole (who rose to fame during the 1950s) hailed from Alabama. Harper Lee penned "To Kill a Mockingbird" while living in Alabama, and the well-loved novel celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Jack London -- although not a native Alaskan -- captured the imagination of young readers the world over with his novel "Fang," set during the territory's gold rush.

This certainly isn't a comprehensive list, but one thing's for sure: We'll be watching both these states for the next hometown favorite who makes it big.