10 Things Alaska and Alabama have in Common


Both Count on Their Coastlines

Beautiful Alaska coastline.
Beautiful Alaska coastline.

Many Alabama and Alaska residents depend on fishing for their livelihoods, but both are adding another important coastline-related incentive to their repertoire: tourism. Next up? Eco-tourism. As both states tap into an increased interest in ecologically friendly travel, there's plenty of incentive to give the regions a closer look.

The 22.4 million people who visit Alabama each year drop more than $9 billion in tourist dollars. In Alaska, the number of visitors is about 2 million annually, but the economic impact is just as great: The cruise ship industry alone generates more than $1 billion for the state.

And, with 600 miles of tidal coastline in Alabama, and 44,000 miles of Alaskan coast, we're betting on plenty of opportunities to see the local flora and fauna -- and support the local economies while we're at it.

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