Summer Travel Destinations for Families

When school is out, many families hit the road. Read up on RV trips, camping and summer vacations in these articles.

Summertime means school is out and families are ready to escape town. But traveling with kids in tow requires a little extra consideration. What are 10 vacation spots that'll make everyone happy?

Sending your child off to camp this summer? If you've researched camps and bought all the clothes and gear, you know it's a big investment. Plus, you'll miss your little one, and you want to make sure she's taken care of. Do you really want to know the whole story? Here goes.

You're sure to discover some valuable life lessons while tracking caribou in Alaska. Take a moment to appreciate everything Alaska as to offer and explore our caribou tracking gallery.

You're sure to pick up some life lessons on summer vacation by halibut fishing in Alaska. See amazing pictures of halibut fishing and take in everything Alaska has to offer.

A famous author once claimed that he learned everything he needed to know in kindergarten. That may well be true, but you could also pick up plenty of life lessons during a day of say -- salmon fishing!

Two new TLC shows, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" and "Dixie Divas," may seem to feature two states without a lot in common: Alaska and Alabama. However, we did some digging and came up with 10 surprising commonalities between the two.

Alaska has some of the most dazzling light shows in nature. It is a wonderful place to relax and take in everything nature has to offer. Explore our Alaska pictures and find out what you've been missing!

Many people credit their parents with teaching them everything they need to know, but some life lessons only come with experience. Camping in Alaska is sure to teach you valuable life skills that'll help you survive no matter what comes your way.

Regardless of what you learned in school, you're sure to pick up some life lessons on summer vacation by panning for gold in Alaska. Whether you hit pay dirt or not, you'll have tons of fun.

Sure, reading is a fantastic way to learn. But sometimes you need to exit your comfort zone to learn life's real lessons. What will Alaska's river rapids teach you?

Some resorts go the extra mile, offering special services and amenities that cater specifically to families. What items should be on your family resort must-have checklist?

Over a thousand miles in length, the West Coast is packed with potential travel destinations. Learn more about some of those popular vacation spots here.

If you're looking to plan a vacation that takes you and your family to sunny, warm vistas, try out some of these destination locations in the southern portion of the United States.

Sure, it's fun to visit the Northeast during fall foliage season but did you know there's more to offer than leaves and cider? We've pulled together a list of five family destinations that will satisfy every type of traveler.

There's more than Lake Michigan to see in the Midwest. We've put together a short list of fun, family-friendly vacation spots to check out.

Whether you're looking for a sort of staycation -- aspects of fun usually enjoyed during a vacation but without leaving home -- or just something out of the realm of your usual weekend plans, you shouldn't have to travel far to have fun.

Your job as a parent has just begun if you've identified the best summer place for your child. The next all-important goal: to soften his or her transition into camp-offered independent exploration and psychological growth.