5 Spring Break Tips for Families


Prepare for the Weather

Rain is always a risk, but that doesn't have to stop the fun.
Rain is always a risk, but that doesn't have to stop the fun.

Of course, you'll definitely remember to pack lightweight clothing and sunscreen for everyone, but there are still a few changes from winter to summer that you should take into account:

  • It's easy to lose sunscreen protection when your kids are in and out of the water or perspiring. Apply a broad spectrum, waterproof sunscreen a half hour before going outdoors and reapply it every couple of hours.
  • If anyone in the family is wearing sunglasses, make sure they offer full UV protection, too.
  • Have footwear at the ready. That stroll along the beach may be just right to warm your tootsies and give them a refreshing sand bath, but the walk back across the asphalt to the car could get hot and dangerous. The same goes for that nature walk or poolside swim. Foot protection could save someone a painful accident. Avoid hot, hurt feet by being prepared.
  • Your warm weather destination may not cooperate for the entire trip. Early spring days can start out temperate and turn chilly fast. Make sure to take along clothing your family can layer to stay comfortable.