5 Spring Break Tips for Families

Family Vacation Image Gallery Time to kick back and relax with the family. It's Spring Break! See more family vacation pictures.

Finally, you can head out to get the mail without putting on a winter coat. If you're lucky, there may even be a brave robin on a still-bare tree branch practicing his high notes. Spring hasn't quite sprung, but you can smell a change in the air. After a long, rough winter (and this one was a beast for many of us) it's nice to treat the family to a change of scenery -- one where you can spend time outdoors and get your vitamin D from sunlight instead of a daily supplement. Spring break isn't just about wild, sun-worshipping college students. It's about introducing your family to a whole new season of fun and exploration. You may be headed south to Grandma's house in Boca Raton or taking in the newest amusements at your theme park of choice. Whatever your destination, these tips will help make spring break easier for you and safer for your brood.