10 Spring Break Staycations


Go on a Home Safari

Turn your home and backyard into an African safari. Treat the kids to a viewing of "The Lion King" beforehand to get them in the mood. Next, decorate the house. Make paper bag vines from old brown paper grocery bags by cutting the bags into strips of three, then twisting them together to look like vines. Hang them throughout the house with green paper leaves attached.

For food, make Moroccan-style chicken kebabs and other silly snacks for the kids, like dried cranberries or raisins (call them "dried ants"). Seedless grapes become "snake eggs." Potato chips become "beetle wings," and any colored fruit juice can become "jungle juice." Set up an arts and crafts table and make beaded jewelry, paper elephants, giraffes and lions -- anything safari-inspired. Play traditional African music in the background.