Road Trips

Road trips with family or friends are a perfect way to see the country. Explore ideas and tips for road trips in these articles.


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Our Top 10 Stops for a Space Program Road Trip

We hate to break it to you, but none of us is headed for the moon or beyond any time soon. Why not satisfy your inner space geek and your wanderlust on this road trip instead?

Our Top 10 Stops on A Fossil Road Trip

When you're planning your next vacation, forget Vegas and Disney. Travel back in time instead and embark on a fossil-filled road trip.

10 Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip

Thanks to a booming technology industry that caters to people on the go, the comforts of home may soon take a backseat to their travel alternatives. What gadgets should you bring on your next road trip?

10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip

Road tripping soon? Don't snack on junk from the convenience store. Fill up on these healthy bites that go great in the car.

5 Road Trip Games That Will Help Pass the Time

Road trips are great, but being confined inside a car for hours can lead to boredom -- or worse. Fear not -- we've got some game ideas that'll keep you and your seatmates entertained.

How can you visit all 30 baseball stadiums in a season?

You'll need to take off quite a bit of work -- or perhaps quit your job altogether. This trip will most likely take you about 60 days. But if you're a diehard baseball fan, it'll all be worth it, right?

10 of the World's Biggest Roadside Attractions

The world's biggest roadside attractions run the gamut from a huge artichoke in California to a giant chest of drawers in North Carolina. The appeal of being the biggest was successful in attracting customers from faraway places.