10 of the World's Biggest Roadside Attractions


The Big Lobster: Limestone Coast, Australia

Now that's a pretty scary sight!
Now that's a pretty scary sight!
Warwick Kent/Photolibrary/Getty Images

If you were to take a trip to southern Australia's Limestone Coast you might be met with a very large and very red welcome wagon -- "The Big Lobster." In the mid 1970s, a local fisherman named Ian Backler was inspired to build The Big Lobster after traveling to the United States. It stands at more than 50 feet tall and close to 50 feet long, and there's a funny story that helps explain its size. Rumor has it that when builder Paul Kelly was given the plans for the monument to this deep sea delicacy, he read the measurement in meters instead of feet, tripling the original planned size of the lobster. Whether or not that's true doesn't matter much to the scores of visitors who stop by The Big Lobster for a photo opp.

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