5 Tips for Diabetics on Long Road Trips


Maintain Your Routine

A diabetic's greatest ally is a safe and predictable routine. Long trips often can throw our schedules -- and our bodies -- out of whack, especially if your travels take you across different time zones. Again, prior planning is crucial to help diabetics maintain a proper balance.

Diabetics ought to share copies of their travel itineraries -- specifically showing destinations and anticipated departure and arrival times -- with their physicians. These details will allow health care providers to estimate necessary adjustments during travel.

If her son is on his insulin pump, Jones brings plenty of extra batteries and writes the settings down. "I request a loaner pump from the pump company and have it delivered ahead of time," Jones says of her backup precautions, adding that she also brings the pump case to protect what can be a delicate, but life-saving, piece of equipment.

Traveling to different regions can also present certain dietary challenges, especially regarding proper carbohydrate levels. Check with your nutritionist before departing. If you have a regular exercise regimen, make every effort to stick to it (unless, of course, your vacation plans require you to be more active than usual).

Remember: Travel west will add hours to your day, while traveling east will do just the opposite, compressing your schedule. Give your body adequate time to adjust.

How can you make sure you're road ready? Keep reading.