5 Road Trip Games That Will Help Pass the Time


Twenty Questions

"Animal, vegetable or mineral?" "Is it bigger than a loaf of bread?" "Is it made up of smaller parts?" So goes the classic game "Twenty Questions." To play, the "answerer" selects a subject, which can be anything or anyone, from Winston Churchill's cigar to Harry Potter's lightning scar or even Harry Potter himself. The remaining players (the "questioners") try to guess the subject by asking up to 20 yes or no questions.

The more obscure the object, the more difficult it will be to guess. Players must ask strategic and specific questions in order to unmask the subject. Insider knowledge of the person answering the questions is also helpful. For instance, if the answerer is a die-hard J.K. Rowling fan, his or her subject is much more likely to be Harry Potter's lightning scar than Winston Churchill's cigar. The answerer must always tell the truth when responding to the twenty questions. To make the game a bit easier, limit subjects to specific categories such as famous people, movie titles or the 1980s. To crank up the difficulty, broaden the categories to "Animal, Vegetable or Mineral" or simply allow for random subject selection.

If your brain threatens to fry from too much thinking, its time to move on to a road trip game that'll get you (and potentially everyone on the road around you) laughing. Find out how to elevate the ever-popular road-trip sing-a-long to a whole new level on the next page.