10 Tips for Spur-of-the-moment Road Trips


Bring Something to Record Your Trip

You're having a great time on your trip -- make sure you have a way to capture every moment.
You're having a great time on your trip -- make sure you have a way to capture every moment.
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You're sipping a cappuccino in a New York café when the entire cast of "Glee" walks by. Who will ever believe it happened if you don't snap a picture? As the saying goes, "Pics or it didn't happen."

Traveling gives you one opportunity after another to record something incredible -- a gorgeous sunset over the ocean, a bear out for a walk with her cub, the sun glinting off the Statue of Liberty. Memories are wonderful, but you can't take them out and show them to your friends. You need to bring along some equipment to document your trip.

  • Take pictures. Bring a digital camera, or use your cell phone if it takes good pictures. The great thing about digital pictures is that as soon as you take them, you can upload them to a photo sharing or social media site (such as Facebook or Snapfish), immediately making your friends at home jealous.
  • Record some video footage. Still photos capture only a moment in time. With a video camera, you can record whole sections of your experiences on the road. Just like with your still camera, you can upload digital video as soon as you've recorded it and share it on a site like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Write it down. You might not have kept a journal since elementary school, but now is the time to start again. Twenty years from now, you can refer back to your journal and relive your entire trip. If you're not into the old-fashioned journaling by hand, create an online diary. You can keep it private, or share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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