10 Tips for Planning a Cross-country Road Trip


Know Your Travel Style

Whether you're traveling with your own family or good friends, every person has a certain travel style. Some prefer a detailed itinerary so they know just what to expect, while others like to make decisions along the way. One person might want to stop at every boutique shop that looks appealing, while another might be keeping his eyes peeled for barbecue joints. Mom and Dad may hope to take pictures at every scenic overlook, while the kids want to race past them all so they can reach the next lake or amusement park [source: Road Trip America].If you know a friend's travel style will drive you bonkers, keep in mind that the close confines of a car will only make things worse. Plan a shorter trip with that person instead. For family members, negotiate ahead of time. For example, maybe you won't alter certain plans, such as the time you hit the road each morning, a few key attractions you'll see and your nightly pit stop. But everything you do in between can be spur-of-the-moment decisions.