Top 10 Stress-free Road Trip Ideas

The open road is romanticized in books and movies.
The open road is romanticized in books and movies.

Every year, millions of people jump into the car and trade the monotony of their daily routine for the excitement of the open road. This experience has almost become a rite of passage in the United States, where writers like Jack Kerouac ("On the Road") and William Least Heat-Moon ("Blue Highways") have elevated the road trip from a simple drive down the highway to a soul-seeking journey. Unfortunately, the very unpredictability that makes such a vacation so fun can also make it go very, very wrong.

When it comes to road trips, a little planning can go a long way. By anticipating problems that you may encounter and taking steps to prepare for them, you can make the best of even a bad situation. So don't let car trouble, screaming children or bad weather ruin your trip. Click through our 10 stress-free road trip ideas to make your journey as smooth as a long stretch of desert blacktop.

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