Our Top 10 Stops for a Tech Road Trip


Pinball Hall of Fame; Las Vegas

It's not exactly coastal, but few can argue with a tour stop in the wild, western hot spot of Las Vegas. It's where a man named Tim Arnold, who used to own Pinball Pete's in Lansing, Mich., founded the Pinball Hall of Fame museum back in 2006. He opened the establishment using his own personal collection of pinball machines, and since the beginning, has donated its earnings to charities (not exactly the usual Vegas story). With more than 200 pinball machines, each unique with its own labyrinth of lights, knobs, switches, springs and sound effects, this is a place where adults can once again return to the carefree days of childhood when a quarter was all you needed to access fun.

And the best thing about the exhibits? Here you're expected to handle the "artwork." Arnold also scattered change machines around the Hall of Fame to ensure your hands are full of quarters as you play the day away.

That wraps up our tech tour of the West. Next we hit all the cool stops the East Coast has to offer.