Our Top 10 Stops for a Tech Road Trip

Lock in your coordinates and gas up the car -- we've got 10 stops guaranteed to please your inner technophile. See more pictures of essential gadgets.
Rayes/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Summer is the perfect time for hitting the road, and in this technical era, there's no better way to explore the country and its specialized gadgets than by visiting some of the most exciting tech-related destinations. Not surprisingly, many of these can be found in California, home of Silicon Valley and the Dot-com boom (and bust). They're also located in the heart of Florida's NASA country, the ivy-adorned halls of Harvard University and glitzy Las Vegas.

Don't be shy about embracing this adventure into nerd-dom. Geek has become the new chic. So whether you've fully succumbed to the technical era or stand on its fringes hesitant yet intrigued, we've created a list of tech-destinations that spotlight the haunts of high-brow geniuses and low-brow prodigies. So grab your smartphone, your beaker-distilled cup-o-Joe and your knapsack, for it's time to unleash your inner Poindexter and kick off the road trip of a lifetime. We'll be starting our road trip on the West Coast.