Our Top 10 Stops for a Science Road Trip


The Montana Dinosaur Trail, Paleontology

There are plenty of these bad boys hanging around Montana. Go see for yourself.
There are plenty of these bad boys hanging around Montana. Go see for yourself.
Charles Carpenter/Field Museum Library/Getty Images

Dinosaurs were far too incredible to have only one museum devoted to them, so it's only fitting that the Montana Dinosaur Trail comprises 15 different museums and exhibits spread throughout the state of Montana. Many of the sites focus on the dinosaur fossils found in the area, and all of them put together some incredible displays that will give you a glimpse into a completely different world. And if visiting one or two of the museums on the Montana Dinosaur Trail has you ready for more, pick up a Prehistoric Passport for $5 at each of the trail facilities. Not only does the passport give you a rundown of all 15 sites on the trail, visitors who get a stamp from each site on their passports receive a special T-shirt in recognition of their achievement.

But exactly what kinds of things will amateur paleontologists see once they set out on the Montana Dinosaur Trail? A visit to the Fort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum will put folks face to face with a life-sized Tyrannosaurus rex model, as well as a cast of a T. rex skeleton found in the area. At the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Mont., visitors can check out one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils on the planet, a collection that includes the largest T. rex skull ever found. A trek up to the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field Station gets you a close-up of triceratops and stegosaurus fossils, prehistoric fish fossils and, for the truly adventurous, a chance to go on a fossil dig with a paleontologist. Each of the 15 locations on the dinosaur trail offers a unique glimpse into the lives of dinosaurs, so dinosaur enthusiasts can pick their favorite and get ready for a roaring good time.

After you've explored the ancient fossils of the Dinosaur Trail, head even further back in time by checking out the final destination on our list.