Our Top 10 Stops for a Science Road Trip


The National Weather Center, Meteorology

Mother Nature can be quite unpredictable at times, but the meteorologists at the National Weather Center (NWC) work around the clock to figure her out. Located on the University of Oklahoma's South Campus, the NWC brings together a wide range of scientists and engineers all dedicated to improving our understanding of the weather, and if you're interested in stopping by, they'll gladly help shore up your knowledge, too. While you'll need to schedule tours of the NWC two to four weeks in advance, it's worth the effort. Visitors get a look at the center's observation deck, the Storm Prediction Center and the National Severe Storms Laboratory, among other things. Better still, plan to visit the NWC during the annual National Weather Festival, a day-long celebration of all things weather. Festivalgoers can check out storm-chasing vehicles, swing by hourly weather balloon launches and watch amateur radio demonstrations.

Once you've studied up on meteorology, you can put your knowledge to good use by making sure the skies will be clear when you visit the next destination on our list, the Mount Graham International Observatory.