10 Road Trips for Retirees

Taking off on a road trip -- along the Seward Highway in Alaska, for example -- can be a life-changing experience. See pictures of national parks.

Sure, the stereotypical American dream is spun around the ideas of a job, a house and raising kids. But there's a whole other chapter that picks up where that dream leaves off, and it has to do with a long open road, the yellow line stretching off toward the horizon in front of you and a full tank of gas. You've worked your whole life so far, and now it's time to enjoy yourself. And there's no better way than making good use of Eisenhower's interstate highways -- or better yet, the roads Eisenhower crossed as a young army officer in 1919.

The question isn't if you should take off on a road trip, it's where you should go. Keep reading for a few great ideas.