10 Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip


Mobile Satellite TV Receiver

If you subscribe to DirecTV or Dish Network, you're used to a wide range of television options, many in high definition. A mobile TV receiver lets you take that entertainment on the road. All you need is a television, a power source, a satellite antenna and a subscription to a service. (This is obviously not a gadget to use while driving.)

The power source can be your car battery, a dedicated battery pack or even a small electrical generator. The DirecTV Sat-Go system includes its own rechargeable battery. Antennas are compact, but you'll need a direct view of the sky -- trees or tall buildings can interfere. Just a few minutes of setup time will get you up and running. It can be a kick to watch your favorite shows while at the edge of a remote lake, keep up with the news in a national park, or enjoy sports highlights at a tailgate party.