10 Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip


LED Road Flares

If your car breaks down on a curve or along a stretch of busy highway with a narrow shoulder, you could definitely be in danger. Placing a bright flashing light on the roof of your car or farther up the roadway could save your life.

Road flares have gone high-tech. The old combustible types were handy, but they could be dangerous, they burned toxic chemicals and they lasted less than half an hour. New light emitting diode (LED) warning lights put out a bright flashing beacon designed to alert oncoming drivers. They're safer, more effective and reusable.

The Aervoe LED road flare is shaped like a hockey puck and includes a rechargeable battery. It will flash for up to 60 hours and can be seen for up to half a mile (0.8 kilometers). In addition to warning other drivers of road peril, LED flares help police or roadside assistance personnel to locate you.